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The Hed Ardennes line has taken the cycling world by the horns, first with our groundbreaking... mehr
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The Hed Ardennes line has taken the cycling world by the horns, first with our groundbreaking 23mm-wide C2 rim, and then again with our 25m-wide Plus rim.  They're our most popular wheels, and have helped to define Hed as a company. 
For 2016, our goal was to bring the award-winning Ardennes Plus technology to even wider audience.  The result is our brand new Ardennes Plus GP.
The Ardennes Plus GP starts with the same recipe as our other Ardennes Plus wheels: Our proprietary 25mm-wide aluminum rim.  It's tubeless-compatible, and offers increased tire volume, more control, and buttery ride quality.  To that, we add our tried-and-true Sonic LT hubs, round steel spokes, and alloy nipples.  We've never had a more competitive price, at $700 per pair. 
If you've been waiting to see and feel the benefits of Hed Ardennes Plus wheels - the new GP will take you there. 
In-stock and available as of February 2016.




Wheel size: 700c

- Rim type: Tubeless-ready clincher

- Rim depth: 24,5mm

- Rim width: 25mm and 20,7mm (internal)

- Spokes: 24/24

- Other versions available: Disc brake

- Includes: wheel bags, steel skewers and rim tapes

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