Jet 9 Black Hinterrad

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What happens when you combine the world’s fastest clincher wheels with unbelievable wet and dry... mehr
Produktinformationen "Jet 9 Black Hinterrad"

What happens when you combine the world’s fastest clincher wheels with unbelievable wet and dry braking?  What if you add a murdered-out all-black appearance that would make Batman jealous?  In a few words:
Jet Black - the carbon clincher killer
Starting from our revolutionary 25mm-wide Jet Plus aluminum rim, we spent hundreds of hours testing and refining a new braking surface, called Turbine Braking Technology.  With special machining and anodizing, the result a super clean all-black appearance and outstanding brake performance.  How great is it?  How about 25% shorter stopping distances in dry conditions, or 70% shorter stopping distances in wet conditions.  Additionally, the consistency of stopping distances has improved by nearly a factor of five.  That’s not a typo.  Our all-black alloy rim and carbon cap give you all of the cool factor, and none of the safety compromises of carbon clinchers.  No melted rims.  No tire and tube failures.  Only True Speed.
When aerodynamics are critical (when are they not?) and everything is on the line, champions choose the Jet 9 Black.  With a massive 90mm x 25mm rim section and proprietary shape, nothing else comes close.  Whether you’re ripping up the local TT course or going for your next triathlon PR, the Jet 9 is the advantage you’ve been waiting for.

Wheel size: 700c




- Rim type: Clincher

- Rim depth: 90mm

- Rim width: 25mm and 20,7mm (internal)

- Spokes: 18/24 or 20/28 (Stallion option)





Disc brake (spokes 24/24)

- Includes: wheel bag, titanium skewer, rim tape and valve extender


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